Get even more out of your AWS Infrastructure by leaving all your server management needs to us. Spend your time where it’s most valuable and we will take care of your AWS Infrastructure for you.

Industry leading SLA

Since 1999, we’ve had the most aggressive SLAs and will beat any Amazon Support SLA.

Industry leading SLA

Since 1999, we’ve had the most aggressive SLAs and will beat any Amazon Support SLA.

Industry leading SLA

Since 1999, we’ve had the most aggressive SLAs and will beat any Amazon Support SLA.


We have highly-reviewed, certified engineers who are familiar with AWS and the many microservices it offers.


What we support


Virtual servers maintenance

RDS & Aurora

Relational DB server management


NoSQL DB server management


Networking setup & management


VPS monitoring & maintenance

Elastic Container Service

Setup and maintain containers

Route 53

DNS server setup & support

ipgod helps install, manage, and maintain your applications in the many microservices that AWS has to offer. There is no large commitment upfront to receive support. We’ve been supporting virtual environments since 1999 and have seen the industry evolve and microservices are something we’ve come to specialize in as they grow in size. 

We help businesses through support achieve the necessary compliance that AWS will not help you with. AWS can get expensive and ipgod helps you understand how to avoid the unnecessary costs that can sometimes get out of control.


How AWS customers use our service

Quick on-demand support

Fast support to fix business critical functions. Eg. Snag in mass mailing.

Emergency assistance

Lightning fast support for security or uptime issues. Eg. IP blacklisting.

Alert monitoring

Get experts to quickly fix server issues as and when they happen.

Server updates / patching

Apply security and software updates as soon as they are available.

Tier 3 support

Get an experienced admin on call for those tough issues that’s hard to fix.

Server audits & optimization

Periodically audit the server for performance bottlenecks & fix them.

Backup monitoring & audits

Make sure the server’s backup is up to date and reliable.

Infrastructure design

Get expert advice on complex infrastructure design. Eg. High Availability

Server/App migration

Professional help to migrate apps with minimal downtime & zero data loss.


Supported platforms


We are the safety net for your servers

24/7 alert monitoring

A server expert checks each alert from your server, and initiates emergency rescue if your server uptime or security is affected.

Emergency rescue

If your server is down or is under attack (from bots, spam, and the like), we’ll login to the server within minutes and restore normalcy.

Preventive patching

Once services are back online, we’ll find out what went wrong, and harden or optimize your server to prevent the issue from recurring.


We’ll Respond Within 60 Mins

If you need help with your servers, we’re just a mail away – 24/7. Here’s how it’ll work:

You send a quick mail summarizing what help you need

Our experts will start working on the ticket within 60 minutes

Support hours will be taken from your account credit