Ipgod award winning engineers has over 10 years experience configuring, maintaining, supporting and developing Magento environments

Plans and Pricing

Magento Emergency

As low as $39/hour
  • 24/7 on-demand support
  • 30 minutes response
  • Direct Skype access
  • Limitless server support*

Magento Support

As low as $29.6/hour
  • Server installation & configuration
  • Error troubleshooting
  • 24/7 availability
  • Limitless server support*

End-user Support

As low as $75/month
  • 24/7 availability
  • Helpdesk, phone & live chat
  • 100% white label services
  • Industry leading response time SLA

Ipgod & Magento

Magento deployment, support, maintenance, installation and monitoring provider

ipgod has a large client base of whom use mainstream software technologies, one of them being Magento as well as other eCommerce platforms. All of the ipgod Magento services come with industry leading SLAs to ensure all tasks are dealt with promptly.

Magento performance

Magento can take a little bit of time to extract optimal performance from as well as ensuring platform security at the same time. Here at ipgod, we’ve helped both small and large WordPress installations optimize for performance & capability. There is a wide range of tools in the form of extensions and themes that exist in and around Magento and we help each client understand what is best for them

Magento emergency administration

Theme errors, extension issues, Datacenter Issues, PHP errors, Emergency patches, Magento configuration issues, platform exploits – a lot of things can affect service quality in a Magento environment. We keep a close eye on the health of your install, and quickly resolve systems issues before it can affect service quality.

Magento monitoring

All systems get their share of issues and Magento is not immune to them. By having a large suite of monitoring tools, at the server level and the Magento level, ipgod has all the tools to monitor & maintain all Magento installs.

Magento security & auditing

ipgod pays a lot of attention to the security of software that is deployed heavily across the internet. Magento security is something we pay a lot of attention to. Not just because of the fact a lot of sensitive information transacts across Magento installs but because it is good practice. We give all of our clients the necessary updates, along with tools like backups, to ensure that security is never something they need to think about. ipgod takes pride in auditing the installs of our users on a regular basis.

Magento development

At ipgod, we have a bunch of talented engineers familiar with Magento themes, extensions and highly-available environments. We’re ready to help you deploy your Magento environment with some custom integrations or features that take you beyond your competitors. Any task, small or large, we are ready to help.

Our Promise

To provide professional and caring outsourced support & server management services.

To provide 24/7/365 certified server administrators working to an industry-leading SLA for you and your customers.

Provide high-quality outsourced support services with flexible billing options to match your company’s needs.